Open fire grilling


Darryl - swazies

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Browsing my best bbq store, looking for on sale items and possibly more charcoal. You know, looking to spend money that I do not need to.
I clicked on the" for sale " icon and it lists everything currently on a better deal.
I found a few things I like, like Gringo Grande on for half price.....time to stock up for sure.........
Then I came across this, I never seen this product for sale before and then went to the web site.
Feel free to check it out and share what you know, I am interested in something like this as I plan to re build my outdoor area. I am planning on a covered kitchen area and want to include things like grills, flat tops, ice makers, ect. Just the things I need to stay outside and not have to go inside for things or to cook.
Apparently I like to just be outside, a lot.....
It's a bit expensive, can it be worth the money?
Possibly there is other items like this out there that work as good and are cheaper?
pic and link.


Michael Richards


Check this out, I don't know if it is as nice or high end, but I think it is another option. I think both these are cool. I have a friend in, yes, West Virginia who throws big backyard cookout where he cooks everything over a big home made fire pit with three different grates one goes right over the fire while the other two hang from heavy duty Sheppard hooks. It is impressive to watch him work and he pulls great food of that, from steaks and dogs to catfish and trout he caught. It has become my job to do mountain pies for dessert.