One skillet egg sandwhich


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We make this quite often when camping. Really pretty simple. I like to use cast iron.

Over low to medium low heat, heat up your pan. Make sure it is fully heated before adding anything. While the pan is heating up get your food prep done.

2 eggs beaten
2 slices of bread
1-2 tablespoons butter (and/or spray Pam)
grated cheese 1/4-1/2 cup (your favorite flavor)
What ever type of precooked protein you want (I used bacon for this one. I actually like this with cooked shrimp or cooked dungeness crab)
Whatever veggies you like (i used spinach. Normally I'd put in tomatoes but we didn't have any)
Salt and pepper to taste
Some other things you can add: mustard, salsa, fresh herbs, nut meg, etc.

Once your pan is heated add you fat of choice. I used 2 tablespoons of butter. Let it melt good.
Pour in your beaten eggs, immediately place sliced bread into the pan.
Cook until eggs are fairly set.
Flip eggs and bread. This can be tricky I like to get the spatula under both pieces of toast and flip. Sometimes with my other hand I will assist.
Add toppings then fold the side wings of the egg on top. Allow to cook until bread is toasted golden brown.
Fold in half and serve.

After I took this photo I scraped the loose uncooked egg into the pan area that was not covered in egg.

All topped up and ready to fold in half.

Sliced and served.

J Grotz

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That is some breakfast sandwich. And more importantly, that is a brilliant technique for making one. Thanks for sharing it. I will definitely try it out soon.


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We eat a ton of egg sammies. I'm going to try this method, looks awesome. Nicely done Case


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That looks and sounds awesome but I'm concerned that it requires coordination. Can you just send one to me?


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This looked so easy and good I had to try it today. Only problem was I couldn't find my wide spatula so I just divided and flipped one side at a time.
Still came out good and since the bread laying in egg reminded me of french toast I added some maple sausage links and drizzled some maple syrup over the finished sammie.:)



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Made another one last night for dinner. Ham and cheese. Tillamook Colby Jack, home cured ham.