one more for fun!


Dan H.

Whos your fav. hard rock band!?!? this is very important to your well being, lol. And to make it an official BBQ question do you ever rock out while your smokin' Q'in or carvin a brisket? cause you know I do. When watching youtube vid's of bbq its ussually a twangy banjo and fiddles in the background, I believe we can change this, from reading your bio Chris put up.

-In Flames we trust!

( "In Flames" from the grill AND the band.)
thanks again Mike catcha later, stop by once and a while and when ordering your CD's use Chris A's link to Amazon. (how did I do Chris...?, am I hired?)
that varies from moment to moment and day to day. I like much more than hard rock.

i always have ramones with me. ac/dc, who, alice cooper, led zep... the standards. cheap trick, clash, MC5

i like uncle tupelo, son volt, alt-country with mojo nixon on sirius. anything little steven has in the underground garage, balck rebel motorcycle club, buzzcocks, springsteen, ccr, courtney love, foo fighters, Hellacopters, the replacements, REM, doors, the byrds,joe jackson, Neil young, sinatra, tony benett, the raspberries, lucero, flaming lips, groovies.. hoodoo gurus...

see? it can be anything really. come to my place and i got you covered. for my band it's a hard rock ac/dc motorhead like thing. i guess.

(to list my guitars would take to long...)
oh yeah.. i forgot to add the paladins, the dickies, X, blasters, smithereens, piper downs.... I suppose we'll have to talk off line re: gear and all.

one friend made up a ramones shirt and replaced DeeDee with Durso.

Rock out..
No Nine Inch Nails, Beck, VAST, Dave Matthews? C'mon! Best concert I've ever seen by far was NIN lights in the sky tour OMG....just a reflection its in HD so you may need to pause it and let it stream to avoid interuption....