Old HM Case


Bryan Mayland

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Oh boy one of those! I have one of those too in a box of other HeaterMeters. The thread it is from is here but most of the links are dead. If you just want a case that fits the old 4.0 HeaterMeter style with the RCA jack out the front, I think the 2line-TOP 2line-BOTTOM stls will fit EDIT: Oops just saw that yours is a 4-line. WHELP!
Thanks sir. I'll have to look if it's a 4.0 or 4.1 HM I have, 4.0 iirc. This is the one I have semi-permanently attached to my electric smoker. I may just upgrade that to an old Pi3 I have and switch to 2 line on this one.

John Bostwick

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Nvm, dang. My eyesight is getting bad, even with my glasses on. I have not made a case like the one you have posted, as the the one in my last post has the side power and not the bottom

John Bostwick

TVWBB Wizard
I believe it's the version before changing it from 1 button to 4 buttons. I am pretty sure I don't have a version of the case you are looking for as I purchased my 3d printer well after your version of the HM.

Before that, I used to purchase cases from Tom, mostly