Old Genny with Sideburner on the Left


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That thing was hacked though I must admit I have actually thought about doing the exact thing

Jon Tofte

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I agree with Larry. I do, however, have a much newer Spirit three burner in my inventory that has the burner on the left while the control panel on the right. It is the last grill Weber made with the classic Genesis E-W burner layout and the only one I know of with that AND a left side burner. I would think routing a gas line around the firebox poses some challenges and risks that made this arrangement uncommon. I would at least be wary of someone’s homemade job - unless it was someone with a strong working knowledge of gas like Larry.


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I agree with above posts. I also think that is a unique color for that lid. A more RED color than the traditional red lids. But it could just be the lighting.

That being said, if you are not comfortable with the extra burner on the left, it should be pretty easy to switch it back to the right side.

Dave in KC

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I saw that ad earlier this morning. You typically see that lid on a Platinum, but it
also says "Platinum." I would guess this was likely a special model for a certain
retailer. Ace, Sears, Wards ...whomever. That may also be why the side burner
is on the left.