Northern California Power Shutdown

John McD

New member
These planned power outages may be the new norm for California electrical customers. So a lot of folks should be looking at alternate power sources for the next time. Since Chris has some experience with a couple of alternate power sources, maybe these should be added to the TVWBB's Amazon Shopping list. Put them under Accessories or Competition?

Bob Correll

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Be safe out there.
The videos of the wildfires are heartbreaking. and it looks like they will probably get worse.

KE Quist

TVWBB Super Fan

I've seen a lot of reference to this & the power outages this week............. I've been a small investor in tesla for the last ~3 years.
Although I don't live in CA, my wife and I have seriously considered installing one, maybe two of these at home, combined with solar panels, and maybe a small backyard wind turbine.

I hope the best for everyone in CA affected by these fires and the power issues. Stay safe.

Chris Allingham

Staff member
My parents have been without power since Saturday night. Hopefully it will be restored on Wednesday. My sister has been under mandatory evacuation from her home in Windsor since Saturday. Tonight is the big test...if we make it overnight without burning down Healdsburg, Windsor, or Calistoga we'll be in pretty good shape.

By the way, Operation BBQ Relief is serving meals in Petaluma to evacuees and first responders. If you want to make a donation, any amount would be appreciated.