No Webers Involved, but Worth Sharing



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I’ve made corned beef this way. In fact it was my go to way to make it until I got my Sous vide set up.
Only reason I’ve gone to the Sous vide is because of the ease of set it and forget it for the day to cook.

Brad Olson

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My mom alternated between simmering and roasting, and while I think both methods are just fine the roasting has the added benefit of deliciously crispy fat.:p

We did ours in the Crock Pot (tm) because it's safe enough to leave unattended during the day. Nothing like walking into the house after work and getting a faceful of Eau de Cured Meat!;)


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Love me some corned beef, that looks awesome! I may try that, I have a snake river farms round hiding in the freezer.


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Jim that looks wonderful, definitely have to give that a try. I usually burble mine in 3 or 4 Negro Modelo beers.


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Thanks all! This was easy, and delicious. Only mod I made was using an Amber Ale in the roasting pan instead of water.