Newest member of my fleet: Go-Anywhere Gas


Chris Allingham

Staff member
Gonna do some traveling with this little guy! I'll have to dig through past posts to see if anyone's got some tips or mods I need to consider.

Interestingly, the LBxxxxxxx serial number indicates this grill was manufactured in 2021 (box says assembled 6/29/21) and has been sitting around in inventory somewhere for over a year and a half.

It's kind of full-circle for me...the first grill I bought just out of college was a Weber Go-Anywhere charcoal grill.

When traveling we use ours as we like rest stop cooking and over night stays at RV parks to most restaurants.simple food is always good. And this little guy is a great cooker. We have this and a Jumbo Joe. They both have there place or together.
Barb and I had one for many years it was our cooking companion to our two motor homes. Your mods sound perfect, the cooking grate that comes with it leaves lot to be desired.
I like the stainless inside improvements for practical purposes and the wood handles for style! Those look really nice, Mike. I also like the ones that say Weber "The One, The Only"