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Matt Galletti

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Not sure if I should start a new thread, but anyway, here is the wings I made yesterday. Got the wings and really all the meat for today at a true meat shop. They were nice and big. This rub is Hanks Spicy Rub, based out of Sea Isle City, NJ, and got a nice picture before the sauce. Really loved the color here and had one before sauce (naked) and they were excellent!


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Hi all- introducing myself. Based outside of Philly, I just picked up a used 18” WSM a week ago and am planning my first cook tomorrow. I will be using the basic ribs recipe and am pretty excited. I have never used a smoker before, but have done the oven to grill many times, so at least the rib prep will be somewhat consistent. I have been wanting a WSM for months, read a ton, and look forward to sharing the results. Happy holidays, everyone.
Welcome Matt - I'm located in NJ 30 minutes outside Philly


The WSM is not just a smoker. Marinate some Roadside Chicken and grill over the open coals on the grill. Lots of basting, lots of smoke, lots of flavor smells coming off the grill.

Richard Garcia

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I bought my 18 WSM in 2002 and still using it today. One of the better overlooked smokers made. I'm sure your cook will go well.
I have the same WSM which I bought new in the year 2008. Question, have you sinced replaced the WSM Dampers on the top and bottom?