New Traveler


Ron De Hoogh

My wife bought me a Traveler grill last week and yesterday while in Ace Hardware I found a box of Grill Grates for the Genesis II (plus they were on closeout) so after doing some figuring I got them, while normally they should run North and South they will work for now.


James Villa

Congrats, only word of caution is watch the lid latch if you pick up the grill while moving it.
Picking up the grill while it's horizontal or vertical, the lid latch moves just enough to release the lid and the grates will fall out.

Jon Tofte

TVWBB Hall of Fame
We saw that happen with James' Traveler at our TVWBB Upper Midwest Meet this summer, but no harm fortunately. We also saw what a VERY COOL grill this is both in style and in James's and his wife's great cooking! :)(y)

I see this Traveler as something a little different from a Weber Q rather than being a replacement or competition for one.
I agree. I like the Traveler and can see how it can easily fit in the mix. I like the portability of it for tailgates, camping, or weekend trips. I imagine that I will add one to the mix at some point next year.


TVWBB Emerald Member
Saw one last night in person at Lowe’s, cool grill, I almost dropped the grates trying to figure it out.
I’ll be keeping the Q-2200 for now. Seems like a lot more grill for the price.

Mike Goetzke

New member
I had the lid latch open too when transporting the grill and when lifting it to see how heavy of a lift it would be to hang on the wall. Luckily no damage to the grill or me. I contacted Weber and they were very interested to work with me. I put a stick on furniture pad on the frame to put additional engagement of the latch. I told Weber they should put a larger button on the pad they have on the latch mechanism. Couple weeks later they send me a kit to replace the rubber button but I left the pad on too.

Issue is as the frame moves when transporting it can reduce the force on the latch. I love this grill but the WOW factor of auto-latch wore off first time it released on it's own. They should have a more positive lock on the lid.