New Genesis 2022


Jon Tofte

TVWBB Hall of Fame
The first leaked photos! Looks like Weber is trying for a more high-tech look and maybe going toward emphasizing the sear burner. That's an interesting turn from when they briefly dropped the sear burner when the Genesis II line first came out.

The built-in electronics are definitely aimed at the changing demographics of their target market. Next it will have a complete touchscreen instead of knobs :D !

It's hard to say from the limited photos, but I don't see any evidence of better build. I am a little dubious about going back to all casters; it does look like those may be sturdier than the old plastic ones. I just hope they are stainless or else they will just be a rust factory.

Ed Pinnell

The cabinet extension on the left throws it off for me. Is it some sort of storage cabinet, or is it intended to hide the plumbing for the side burner? Is that red plastic pan some sort of drip pan? It might not look too bad without that side cabinet. It reminds me of a tool box I had that had the add-on side cabinet.