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Mike Garman

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I saw this board while looking for Ranch Kettle hacks. I’m a forever kettle user, currently have four. I’m looking to beef up and expand my old ranch kettle. I was lucky enough to get a ”slow and sear“ for it when they were still making that size. That was definitely a game changer. I’d like to add a height extension ring, rotisserie, heavy duty tires and wheels, and maybe a Santa Maria style add on. If anyone has tried any of these and would like to share, I’d appreciate it! Cheers, and look forward to checking in.


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Welcome, neighbor. You might want to look at the Weber Summit Kamado to add to your collection. Super versatile and does everything well; smoking, low and slow, high heat searing, direct, indirect, live fire and more.

Post pics when you cook. Lots of new ideas are always coming through here.


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Hi Mike, WELCOME!!!!!!! You will love it here.

The guys will aways ask for pics. I am the one that always ask for recipes. Hope you have some. lol


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I always wanted one of those big guys, but felt that multiple smaller units was more practical. It looks like you do some really big cooks and make good use of the big guy! Welcome to the Forum!