New 14.5" WSM and beef short ribs


Sam B

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I got my new 14.5" WMS this week to go along with my 22" WMS and 22" OTG. I didn't think the weather was going to cooperate this weekend, but it cleared up this afternoon, so time to fire her up! Went to the local Farmer's Market, which has a butcher shop, and found some nice short ribs to go with the ones I found in the supermarket. Of course the butcher shop ones look much better! I also picked up some pork belly to try my hand at bacon, but that's for later. The butcher did tell me if I brought the bacon back after the cure they would slice it for me for free! I think I might like that place. Anyway, here you go...

The ones on the left are from the Farmer's market. Left are grocery store. FM got SPOG, GC got Tatonka Dust.


More smoke than I wanted to start, but it calmed down pretty quickly.

Chugging along.



Also found some local "artwork" while I was there:



More to follow...
You're going to like that little guy! Very fuel efficient and really can do a lot for it's size. Enjoy!
I used the grommet to clip a temp probe to the rack and also just stuck one so that it is a couple of inches below the rack.

I'm really surprised at the different temps. Rack prob registers about 30 - 35 degrees lower than the one below the rack. Maybe I've been cooking at temps higher than I thought!
Those babies aughta be wrapping up right about now, looking forward to the finish pics
Sorry. Life sort of got in the way of things tonight. The rib still turned out great. Here are a few shots I
was able to get


So Sam, after your first cook are you satisfied with the size or do you wish you had gone 18.5? Or still to early?