Need advice on Grilling on WSM 18 vs. 22

David Purvis

New member
Need Advice before purchasing 22" WSM:
I grill chicken on my 18" WSM like the "Hot and Fast" recipe. No H2O pan and all vents open. I done this for years with great results.

I notice the 22" has much longer distance from top grill grate to charcoal on the 22" vs. 18".
Would I still get pretty high temps to top rack with no H2O pan and all vent open?

Comment / thoughts appreciated.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Heat is heat, it will need more charcoal because of the added air volume but, heat rising should not make any appreciable difference at all.

Brad VA

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I bought my WSM before my kettle. When I wanted to grill, I just removed the middle section and laid one of the cooking grates directly on the charcoal ring. The WSM lid wouldn't necessarily "secure" to the bottom bowl, but it was a good enough fit for no leaks and heavy enough that it wouldn't fall off.

Lew Newby

TVWBB All-Star
I did the hot and fast recipe with Chicken parts an a 22 and I put a layer of coals on the charcoal grate and then added a full chimney of hot coals. It work fine on the 22.