My way of making bacon



Okay for my bellies I use Maple Sugar Sugar Cure from and their Pink Salt. Whatever their recipe/formula calls, I use 25% more. I cure for up to six weeks and then apply a rinse and dry thoroughly. If I'm in the mood I'll then season with black pepper and maple sugar and then allow for pellicle formation for up to 48 hours. I'll then sprinkle some sugar onto the charcoals and proceed with smoking until the internal temperature reaches 140-145F. Once smoked the slabs will rest on racks setting in sheet pans for 4-5 days. A sheet of newspaper is placed on top of the slab and on the bottom of the sheet pan - for you don't want flies laying eggs on your product, you maggots! Then wrap the slabs in freezer wrap and freeze for at least a week or two.

When it comes to slicing remove the slab from the freezer and allow to go from frozen solide to frozen FIRM. Then slice.