My Smoke Day



We did some ribs today for the main event. We have a ton of venison brats, so I ran a pack of those, and we picked up some fresh made polish sausage.

Rubbed the ribs last night, home made concoction, went a little too heavy on the cayenne, but they were still awesome.

Started the coals about 11am, ribs on at noon. Sausage on about 4 or so, along with some wrapped potatoes - I didnt want them to pick up allot of smoke - I just wanted them to cook

First time using pecan, turned out real nice.

Ran it about 225 all day, 2 botom vents shut, one cracked, top wide open. Cranked it to about 250+ towards the end.

Gettin there.

Sausage and potato on.

Done and plated. Super tender, the rub / sauce mixture got a little bit of bark on it, but we loved them. I'm sure they're no competition ribs like some of yours, but these were super tasty, and fall off the bone tender.

Mandatory Flag pic.
I hope everyone remembers the ultimate sacrifices of our men and women made while serving this great country of ours while we BBQ! I enjoyed my first Smoke day, I hope the rest of yous did too!

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Fine lookin ribs! Pecan wood is my favorite over all wood for smoking. Hoped you liked it. Love it on salmon too. Love the flag pic!