My new workbench.

Dan Leighton

Nice restore of components worthy of further use rather than the scrap heap. Probably more solid than anything you could buy today at a reasonable price.
Very nice!

Wish I had time to CLEAN my bench let alone build a new one... (LOL.)
Have too many irons in the project fire to have the luxury to do it.

Phil Perrin

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Ok, I am officially jealous!
My workbench is made of scraps scrounged from when they were building the houses in our neighborhood!
Although I did make a slab top after I got a pocket hole jig

Brad Olson

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Nice bench but it does appear that you gave up some surface someone who's bench is probably similar to Frank in Color's I'd have to think twice about doing that.

But you have tunes, TV and the requisite fridge, and the window's a nice bonus. My bench gives me a lovely view of the basement wall.

If I bring something to stock the fridge can I hang out and watch Sox playoff games?;)

Brad Olson

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Nice bait but I'm not biting. Besides, yours has Delicious Ingredients and I can't beat that. ;)
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Nice system there. Wish I could actually use my garage more like a shop. I can't. It's WAY too small. We used to have a full size F150 Supercab back in the day. To get that thing in the back bumper had to be against the rear wall and the front bumper would only clear the door by about 2". Still have the holes in the rear wall drywall to prove how hard it was. Even our Highlander does not leave a lot of room


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Hey thanks! It's still a work in progress. That was phase 1, phase 2 started today with me moving the freezer to the back wall and insulating, drywalling and extending the work top another 8 feet.
When I built the garage I went 24' x 24'. I wanted enough room for 2 vehicles and a workspace on one side and room for storage shelving on the other. I framed the 16' door so I had 6' for the work side and 2' for the shelves. My attached one on the house was only a 1 car and that got old fast so I converted it into a dining room.


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So I moved some stuff and made a workstation/food lab where I can prep or use my meat slicer, meat grinder and sausage stuffer.
Two coats of poly and it's a much more cleaner area.

Now to deal with the floor. A little muriatic acid diluted in a pump up sprayer and a rinse.
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