Mother’s Day Flank Steak

Rich G

I'm sure any moms you shared that with were happy, Nick! All of TVWBB thanks you for not overcooking that flank, too! :) Looks perfect!



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Yessir, I do like me a good flank steak. They take marinades very well, have a decent "chew" and can relate well to any cooking style. Tex Mex, Mediterranean, Asian and so on. It even works well in a stir fry


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Salt mostly yes, garlic VERY seldom and pepper not often. I don't like the burnt flavor of grilling pepper and other spice powders like garlic, onion, etc

Kyle in Woodstock

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Good looking tacos! With my wife's mom being Mexican, we always use corn tortillas and an overload of jalepenos. Only the kids eat the "gringo" flour tortillas. Love me some flank steak tacos.
If you have one near you, check out the hispanic supermarkets. They always have a good supply of meat in stock and usually have some pre-seasoned carne asada steak that is so good. Just throw it on the grill and then cut it up and its ready for tacos!