Mother’s Day Dinner


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Let me start off by saying that I am sick of the lousy winds we’ve been having this year, end of rant.
For Mother’s Day Barb wanted something simple. So we went with a nice 1 ½” ribeye that we cooked up using a recipe out of Jamie Purviance new book Ultimate Grilling. The recipe is called Charred Ribeye Steaks with Mushrooms.
Did a reverse sear as this steak is almost like cooking a roast.
There was too much junk flying around to do the ‘rooms outside so Barb cooked the mushroom dish inside while I took care of the steak. Steak was seasoned with EVOO K salt and fresh ground pepper.
We did a couple of small bakers for the side.
I’ll have Barb explain the mushrooms.
For the mushrooms I sliced the cremini mushrooms into 1/3 inch thickness and the pancetta into ¼ inch dice pieces. I used our 12 inch CIS with some EVOO heated then added the pancetta cooking till lightly browned. Then the mushrooms went in, cooked 6-8 minutes till done. Added the garlic and thyme stir until the garlic is fragrant. Remove from heat and seasoned with salt and pepper. Divide among the steaks and enjoyed.
This was really good, it's a keeper

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I know some of you are aware of Barbs breast cancer situation and have shown wonderful support for her and myself.
Just a little update, she is now in her second full week of radiation treatment and is doing really well. She appears so far as to not have any side effects with the exception of being just a little tired in the evening.
She is a brave and tuff lady and her spirts are as high as they ever have been. She is under the care of two different doctors beside the surgeon that did the cancer removal. All of them are very optimistic that this will be a complete cure. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.
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Pat G

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Great looking meal. Thanks for keeping us updated on Barb's situation. Great to hear that the doctors are optimistic.

Les Stubby


Glad to hear the good news about Barb. As I told you my wife is a two time survivor and has been cancer free and very healthy for many years.
Continued best wishes.

Les Stubby

Cliff Bartlett

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Steak and mushrooms and a baker, doesn't get any better than that! Looks terrific. Great news regarding Barb too.



that looks great...........wish I was there for dinner. Please know that we are sending our prayers from the "Yoop" (Upper Michigan) to Barb. Best wishes and keep sharing the great pics.