More Go Giants Sausages from our Farmer's market



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Went to our local Farmer's Market this morning and picked up this one pound pack of Italian Sausage from the Hanson Family Farms, good people and most important....Giants Fans!!!!

Anyway thought it would be good to do some more Giants Sausages.....These were really tasty. Like them a lot!









Bob Correll

R.I.P. 3/31/2022
Looks tasty Chuck, but man you need some sides! :p
The top 3 items found on grills around St Louis are pork steaks, bratwurst, and salsiccia, which is an Italian sausage, but usually grilled in a casing like brats.

Jerome D.

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Looks terrific, Chuck. Anytime I see the words "farmers market" in the title of a thread, I automatically click on it. I checked out the link you included to the farm's website…looks like the kind of place I'd like to buy from.


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Three quick thoughts, Chuck:

1. If you're makin' sausages, does that mean the Giants took one on the chin again? Against the Miami Fish? Oh boy...
2. You're kettles look awesome, but that poor smoker got tagged with some orange graffiti. Probably some high-heat black will fix that up fer ya.
3. Just kidding! Sausages look delicious, Sir! Hope you and yours enjoy a very special Mother's Day! :wsm:


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These were very good, but it's my first time cooking IS without skin. I hit them with too much smoke, I'd recommend the smoke off the charcoal and nothing more. I had to clean the microwave today, It got smoked out when I reheated the left overs, LOL