Monte Cristo Sandwich


Chris Allingham

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For many years, I used go to Michael's at Shoreline in Mountain View, CA and ordered the Monte Cristo sandwich with fries. Michael's changed ownership in early 2019 and the new owner took the Monte Cristo off the menu. But I have created an identical version at home.

Texas toast, a generous portion of thinly sliced ham and turkey breast (Boar's Head Ovengold), 1 slice of Swiss cheese, 1 slice of American cheese, and powdered sugar. 1 egg + 1/4 cup milk + a bit of salt to season, whisked together. 12" non-stick skillet over medium heat, some butter in the pan, soak the bread like French toast and into the hot skillet. In a separate covered skillet, heat the ham and turkey. A bit more butter in the skillet, flip the bread. Immediately place a cheese slice on top of each slice of hot bread. When the bread is fully cooked, place both meats on one slice of bread and top with the other slice of bread. Move to a plate, dust with powdered sugar, cut in half on the diagonally, and serve with a favorite jelly or jam on the side.

If I had a fryer, I'd serve this sandwich with shoestring fries like Michael's used to serve it. 🍟.



Steve Madden

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Looks killer! Love the cheese pull. I can remember getting those as a kid at the Bennigan's chain and loving them.

Timothy F. Lewis

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The best one I ever had was at a little mom and pop one off restaurant in Pentwater MI.
Wife and I were bored one Saturday and we just got in the car and started driving about three hours later, we were thinking about lunch. Viola this delicious amalgam of breakfast French toast and delicious grilled ham and cheese with a cup of good maple syrup for dipping and a beer! I’ll never forget that day!

Chris Allingham

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Looks killer! Love the cheese pull. I can remember getting those as a kid at the Bennigan's chain and loving them.

Is that like the one on this thread?
I've had the Monte Cristo at Bennigan's and Disneyland and both are dipped in batter and deep fried. Many Montes are done that way. What I prefer about this one is that it's not as heavy, it eats lighter. Michael's used a French toast-like egg mixture without the cinnamon and vanilla, then griddled everything on the flat top.


I grew up making what my family called Monte Cristo sandwiches, a cheese sandwich dipped in an egg wash (no water or milk,) and griddled like a grilled cheese sandwich. Occasionally, we'd add slices of deli ham. I was well into college before I tried a Monte Cristo in a restaurant. Food service in my client office served a sandwich very close to what I was used to, with a side of a fruit sauce (usually raspberry.)

Bob H.

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In high school I cooked at an Aunt Jemima's pancake house. We deep fried the Monte Cristo's
way back then.......


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@Chris Allingham, a carbon steel wok makes a perfect fryer and you can wok too! Homemade fries are easy. First cook is at 325° for 3 mins and then pull and rest your fries. Second cook is at 375° for crisping the outside. One small secret is after you cut your fries, place them in a cold salted water bath for 30 mins. This takes off the extra starch and the salt helps make the fry crispy and flavorful.

Serve with curry ketchup and enjoy!


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