Monster BB's - Too Good to be True?


Jason M. Park

TVWBB Super Fan
So I’m FINALLY a Sam’s Club member, and I FINALLY have an actual back yard, yeah for me.

Anyway, I wanted to get 4 racks of BB’s for a get together, and discovered that SC only sells their BB’s 3 to a pack. No big deal, I just got the heaviest pack of 3 I could find, which was an impressive 9.61 lbs. I’m used to finding BB racks (farmer John) that are 2 - 2.5 lbs each, but these averaged over 3 each! I was extremely excited, knowing these would be the meatiest BB’s I have ever seen. Unfortunately, they were too good to be true because there was a TON of meat on one end (smaller ribs side) and an average amount on the other. Basically, it lead to an inconsistent end product, because the one end was fine after 5 hours, and the other ends were not even close. I ended up leaving them on for 6 hours at ~250. As I thought, the one end was a tad overdone, and the meaty ends were not quite there yet. Of course some of the ribs in the middle were perfect. All guests were extremely pleased with the results, but I couldn’t help but be frustrated with the results.

I guess I’ll chalk it up to experience, and avoid such meat inconsistencies in the future. Anyone else ever had this problem?