Mom wanted steak

Rich G

Had my mom and sister over yesterday, and I always give mom the choice of what she wants for dinner (the dining facility at the place she lives is decent, but that's about it.) Mom said she wanted steak, so steak she got! I picked up a couple of cowboy ribeye steaks that were on sale. Looked like they were cut from the short end, but were nice and thick. I popped them in the oven until they hit 130F, then seared 2 minutes per side on a well pre-heated Q200. These turned out really well...tender, juicy, and cooked just how we like them. Here's the pics:



Also made some bagels......


....and some pasta.....


Busy day, but fun, and always like to get my mom over to the house for a good meal and some good vino!

Thanks for looking!


Cliff Bartlett

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Wow Rich, Mom has a robust appetite and likes fútbol too. Great looking cook, both the rib eyes and the pasta. My parents weren't fans of medium rare. Ours was was a well done house and that's all I knew until I was on my own.

Rich G

Mom has a robust appetite and likes fútbol too.
I was trying to figure out the football reference, Cliff, until I realized that I had the Premier League in the background of the pasta shot! ;) Truth be told, dad was the soccer guy, mom just tolerates it. :) Dad is also the one who taught me how to grill a steak medium rare (smart guy.)

Oh, and don't worry, mom didn't put away one of those steaks by herself! She had help, and there's plenty left over for a lunch or three!