Mexican Taco Pinwheels


Shawn Woerlein

TVWBB Member
This is a favorite recipe of mine and is normally a huge hit at parties we attend. Enough App. for approx 4 people. If more, double recipe. You can also add shredded chicken to this if you wish.

Mexican Taco Pinwheels

2 (8 oz) Cream Cheese, softened
1 (4oz) Can Chopped Green Chilies (mild or medium)
1 (4oz) Can Chopped Black Olives (diced)
1 (1 ¼ oz) Package Taco Seasoning Mix
1 (1oz) Package Dry Ranch Dressing Mix
4 Large Green Onions, Diced
½ can Black Beans, drained
Diced Jalapenos (if desired)
Diced, drained fresh tomatoes (only meat, no seeds or juice)
Minced Lettuce
Sour Cream
Serve sliced Jalapenos on side as well.

1. Mix all ingredients except tortillas.
2. Warm tortillas in microwave to soften. Not hot…just warm.
3. Divide mixture evenly among tortillas, spread slightly and roll up. Mixture should be roughly 1/8" thick on tortilla. I use med. tortillas and can roll up around 6 out of 1 batch of stuffing.
4. Roll up rolled tortillas in plastic wrap tightly and Refrigerate 1-2 hours (I refridgerate overnight to allow maxium setup). Unwrap from plastic and slice into 1" thick slices.
5. Can be served with dips as desired.