Mexican Style Shrimp Cocktail



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I've made this several times and am thinking about making it again today.

Courtesy of John Solak

Mexican Style Shrimp Cocktail

all measurements are approximates

1lb shrimp shells on, deveined. Peal the shrimp and boil. Once shrimp is cooked place in ice water to stop cooking. Reverve about 2-3 cups of the water the shrimp was cooked in and put in the shells from the shrimp in to make a stock and simmer for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes remove shells and chill the shrimp stock. Save a few shrimp with tails on only if you want to garnish.

Cooked shrimp and dice into chunks
2 tomatoes finely chopped seeds removed
1 large cucumber finely diced seeds removed
2 stalks celery finely chopped
2 cloves garlic crushed
1 small white or yellow onion finely chopped
2 jalapenoes seeded and deveined finely chopped
juice from 2 limes
½ bunch of cilantro finely chopped
splash of white vinegar, olive oil, hot sauce
1/2-1 tsp Mexican oregano
salt to taste

Place in a bowl and chill at least 3-4 hours

Prior to serving quarter up some more limes, dice up some, avocados, and make a 50/50 mix of the Tomato juice and shrimp stock.*

We used margaritas glasses as bowls. Fill half way with the veggies/shrimp, add some diced avocado, then fill the glass the rest of the way more veggie/shrimp mixture. Then add the shrimp/ tomato juice.

Serve with the limes, hot sauce and tortilla chips

* you can use tomato, Clamato, V-8, etc, juice of your choice,

**This recipe minus the juice mixture is the same recipe we use for Shrimp Ceviche. We eat ceviche on a tostada and add Tapatio Hot sauce on top. The only other difference is the shrimp is “cooked” in lime juice.