Memorial Weekend Smoke - WSM 18"

I plan to smoke 6 racks of baby backs and either 2 tri-tips or 2 spatchcocked chickens this weekend for about 20 people (5-6 children).

I plan to get smoker to 225*-275* using the Minion Method and add 2 chunks of apple wood to coals. I will cut the ribs in half and use rib racks on both top and bottom rack. I am going to go for a 2-1-1 method and will either foil ribs with apple juice for the middle cook or just spritz with apple juice. I foiled for an hour last time I cooked 3 racks of ribs and they were awesome but am wondering if it is necessary. Should I rotate ribs during that first 2 hour smoke or don't worry about it? I usually sauce and finish them on the gasser.

When ribs are done, I will FTC. I will then will open vents to get smoker hot (if I am doing the chicken). I plan to start at 8am, for a 4pm BBQ, and am hoping I have enough time.

I use Bone Suckin rub and will either make my own sauce or use my favorite store brand (Sweet Baby Rays).

-If spritzing with juice, how often? I don't want to keep opening the smoker.

-During last hour for ribs, can I stack them all on the top rack and add tri-tip\chicken to the bottom rack? Or should I finish the ribs first?

-Any input on glazing the ribs so they are not over sauced? Got a good glazing recipe?

Any other feedback or suggestions are appreciated.



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I don't use any sauce, to me it's not necessary. You can always serve some on the side. When I foil my ribs, I mix a concoction of melted parkay, brown sugar, and apple juice and brush over the meaty side of the ribs. Then, out of the foil for a bit of smoke and they're done.

Tony R

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Don't worry about rotating ribs..what I do is rotate the whole middle section if remember if not you will be fine..

Spritz every 45 or so if you want otherwise you will be fine.
I would finish the ribs first... Then out the chicken on bottom and tri tip on top..
I think I will do the ribs then FTC for a couple hours.

I am considering chicken OR tri's (not both). Leaning tri's.

Will then open all vents and add a chunk of red oak or hickory then smoke tri's til about 115* and will reverse sear on the gasser to 125*.
FTC = Foil\Towel\Cooler

Foil the meat. Place clean (old) towel in the cooler, followed by the meat and then another towel and close the cooler. Use old towels unless you like greasy drippings on your towels. You can also heat the cooler by adding hot water to it and then dumping out before adding the meat and towels.

It keeps the meat at a safe temp (for a few hours) until you are ready to eat. Really helpful with bigger cuts of meat (pork butt, brisket, etc...)