Memorial Week bargains


Robert McGee

TVWBB Gold Member
GFS (Gordon Food Service) ran a sale on Bone-in Boston Butts this past week for the Memorial Week sales. I got an email notice, but when I got there they were sold out. However, they gave me a "rain check". I checked with a couple of fellow smoker friends, and ended up picking up the "rain check butts" today. $1.39 a pound with a two butt package (butts ran 8-10 lbs. each). We all three took a two butt package. Nearly $75.00 of goodness... Can you imagine buying top grade pork butts for $1.39 per pound, these days?

The weather had been terrible for smoking this spring - if it's not raining, it's thunderstorms with winds as high as 70 mph. 40-50 seems almost daily. But-t-t, next week the weather report looks GOOD. I will be smoking my two bone in butts and will report further, with pics...

See you then...

Keep on smokin',

Larry D.

TVWBB Gold Member
Rain checks can be handy, especially if they have no expiration date. It's much easier to store a couple of rain checks in a drawer than to store the equivalent amount of meat in the freezer. When a local grocery put butts on sale a couple of years ago I had to go to three locations before I found any in stock. But I ended up with the butts I needed, and rain checks for four more at the same great price.