Meatloaf R.I.P.


Bill Klinke

This is too funny...and here's a link to the recipe.

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Dear Chris,

This morning you received our weekly "Recipe of the Week" email, which is sent to you every Friday.

In today's email we highlighted a grilled meatloaf recipe. At the time we shared this recipe with you, we were not aware of the unfortunate passing of American singer and actor Mr. Marvin Lee Aday, also known as Meat Loaf.

We want to express our deepest apologies for this oversight and for any offense this email may have caused.

We send our condolences to Mr. Aday's family and fans.

Thank you for understanding.

The Weber Family
I agree with you, Chris, that _IS_ too funny, and glad they included the recipe.

Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
never will i forget the first time i saw (or heard) the song video of Paradise By The Dashboard Lights...
'member thinking, "don't look at him and the tune KICKS @$$ BigTime!"

sure, other great tunes by him, but this one sticks with me.