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I may regret this but since it's available from Amazon whereupon returns are easy and at a lesser price than direct from Meater, I'm going to try this. I know these were selling for $199 pre-production but I did not have confidence in handing-over money ahead of shippable units.

What I expect: 1) a stable connection between the USB thermometers and the block when my smokers or rotisseries are 5' from the house and the block is inside the house at the wall 2) accurate temperature readings
What would be great: if I can get a stable connection while using this in my indoor oven
What I assume: if I have a stable connection between thermometers and the block I'll have a reliable connection between the block and my Wifi router


John B

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Why would you have the block inside? I would leave the block by the cooker. I use mine all of the time with my WSMs and kamados, and I leave an old iPad next to the cooker so it can easily connect to it, and the iPad connects to the internet so that I can track and view my cook in the app on my phone anywhere.

EDIT: I dont have the block, but rather three of the individual units.


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Why would you have the block inside?
I would leave it inside because it is not waterproof. There are other reasons but those are not spelled-out in their manual, aside from the fact that they tout the ability to monitor temps from the block display. If they cannot give me 5' then I will not give them $229 :)

Dustin Dorsey

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Just wrap it in a ziplock bag. I do that with most of my stuff anyway if I'm worried about rain. The only advantage I see to this is being able to have a leave in therm on a rotisserie. Otherwise, I'd go with regular probes.