(maybe ? ) a 26 inch kettle $40 in Los Gatos CA ( not mine )


Ed Pinnell

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e-e-yeah, I'm kinda doubtful on that, and please know up front that I know absolutely nothing of whence I speak...but the 26-incher is an upscale kettle and should come with the ash bucket and a lid bale, not the frisbee and lid hook. Looks like an economy model to me, but I could be wrong.


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I updated the subject. but the lid does look different, and looks like it might be an older 26, but I don't really know.

I'm wondering if it is a vintage like this one:


Jon Tofte

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I am not 100% sure. The lid DOES look like an old "flat top" 26" like I have and the triangle seems to have the elongated shape. Mine in this picture has the ash can, but I added that on. Originally it just had a flat pan like the one in the ad.



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@Ed Pinnell once you find and acquire a 26 inch kettle you can begin your quest for the rare and elusive 26 inch performer.

Some say if you go on a snipe hunt you can find clues ...

Ed Pinnell

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I think, if I am allowed to speak my mind, that finding the elusive 26-incher would be almost as punishing as looking for one. There is so much 3rd party stuff available for the 22" kettle that is simply not available for the 26", and again I may be wrong, but I think the picture on WKC of the 22" roti ring on a 26-incher speaks volumes.

Does that mean I don't lust for one? He!! no.

I hate myself. I am so weak.


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I had a 26” before and when I was moving I gave it to a good friend of mine. I went and got another one now and hate that now need all my old accessories back cause I gifted it to him with it all. Craycort cast iron with all the options and smoker ring. 1 thing at a time I guess.


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Love my 26”, it’s nice to have some more room. I just really like cooking on my performer a little more. Can’t believe I went so long without one, having the table right there is just so much better.


Design cues to indicate that the grill in the pic is, indeed a 26”:

Flat top lid profile
Angle of triangle support
Four rungs per side on triangle
Depth from lip of bowl to cooking grate