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Anybody heard about this grill, kebob accessory? Just read about it on the WKC site, made by Weber but not sold in the U. S., that ain't right, just sent off a question to Weber. It's like the rotis rig, but shorter and has slots for 5 skewers, looks great!
I saw ClubChapin ordered a Pizza Oven after I did and picked up the Mangal as a kicker. That's a pretty cool rig. The cool thing is the spiral skewer so you can turn your kabobs quarter turns.

I know what you mean about offering items in other markets not offered here in the US. I am not sure why they do that. For instance, one thing I saw that was pretty cook is the Dutch Oven that goes with the Gourmet System.
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I want one of these Mangal things BAD. Please stock these Weber. I will buy one straight off....promise.
Yep, they are great! Used mine for the first time the weekend before last!


They aren't available in Australia either but a friend of mine brought it over with her for me from Norway. :)
I want one! Not available in UK.........yet.

Maybe have to find someone in Germany or Austria for assisstance getting one though.

Edit: Just been on the phone to Weber UK. This product will only be available in Germany, & no plans to market it in UK or USA this year or next!
Boo Hoo! :mad:

STOP PRESS. Found a supplier on Amazon Germany that will ship to UK.
96.00 Euros incl. DHL shipping. :cool:
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