Makin Bacon and Giving the Beswood a Workout

Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Yesterday I smoked up some bacon I had cured to get my winter stash going.

A full belly and a two pound pork loin of Canadian bacon.

Used Tender Quick and a slurry of maple syrup, brown sugar and cinnamon for the cure.

Ran the Camp Chef at 160 until the bacon hit 140.

Tried a new mixture of 50/50 Weber’s Apple Pellets and Pit Boss All Natural Charcoal Smokey Blend. Really like that combination nice mellow Smokey flavor, it’s going to be my bacon blend from now on.

This is the first time I’ve really given our new Beswood a good workout and I am impressed. Fifty two vacuum bags with six slices in each bag 312 slices total. Ran it nonstop and it didn’t even get warm, it was like slicing soft butter.

Here’s a few pictures of the cook.





Whitney lurking in the shadows watching Barb and I working on the bacon ready to pounce if a mistake is made.
Rich and Barb,
That is some great looking bacon, today I finished off the last of the 3 lbs I smoked last week during breakfast and dinner. I don't have any curing right now so I think I am going to go to the Butcher Shoppe tomorrow and get that process going. I have yet to do loin-bacon, still need to try that. My kids and dog's favorite treat is that "test" batch of bacon that gets fried up after slicing.

Bob Correll

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
You two have the bacon makin' and bacon slicin' machines to crank it out!
Love the color on those slabs!


Friend moved to London. Later buys a slicer. Has the electronics reworked sp it works there. Why? Cause he missed italian beef so much. Did it just so he could make his own beefs.

I am a bit wary of having one. After using them all the time in restaurants as a kid, my fear has grown. Especially cleaning them.

Of course one look at my beef jerky slices and I may have to get one.

Pat G

TVWBB Gold Member
Now I'm really hungry. You still have my address right? I've got room in my freezer for some of that, looks great!