Made my 2nd and 3rd smoke on my new WSM 18 inch this past weekend


Huy Vu

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My first smoke was a 8 lb prime rib. I smoked it immediately after receiving my WSM in the mail even though it was damaged. The mid section was dented in pretty badly and 2 of the damper vents were folded up in half. I bent the damper and popped out the dent in the mid section as best i could, but I could never get it to fit properly together. Regardless of the gaps between the 3 sections, I went ahead with the prime rib smoke. Took me an hour to get the temp below 300 degrees. Still prime rib came out awesome. Sent an email to weber and the shipped me a new mid section and a set of dampers within a week at no extra charge. Now everything fit perfectly and I had total control of the temps on my next 2 smokes. Did a 13 lb turkey with a cajun rub and injected it with tony chachere's creole butter. took a little over 7 hours at 233 degrees. Then 2 days later, I smoked some sockeye salmon that I caught in Alasaka last month. Took 2 hours on the smoke at 165 degrees.

nakedturk by carboyvu, on Flickr

smokedturk by carboyvu, on Flickr

Sliced turkey by carboyvu, on Flickr

Salmon by carboyvu, on Flickr

salmondone by carboyvu, on Flickr

salmondip by carboyvu, on Flickr

Cliff Bartlett

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Glad you got your damaged kettle worked out. Those are some mighty fine looking cooks Huy. I particularly like the looks of that Sockeye.

Huy Vu

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Thanks guys. Food came out great and it's fun to smoke meats. Really loving this weber. Once I got it figured out, real easy to control temp. Unlike the cheap vertical masterbuilt smoker I had before. That was tedious work. This weber is relaxing work. Lol

WB Zipf

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Good to see you putting that WSM to use. I bought mine close to 10 years ago and still love it.