Lunch Meat



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I bought the Cabela's meat slicer for < $100 and it's for this reason

Smoked a turkey breast

$5 out the door


High heat on the WSM






Sliced photo after the rest period (I'm watching the grammys, I have no idea why, but that's why I'm posting now.....)
Looks guud chuckO, looking forward to seeing the sliced meat.
How do you like your slicer from Cabelas?
How do you like your slicer from Cabelas?
First and foremost, I like the price? I have been wanting a slicer for a long time, but most the slicers are > $200, this one was < $100 pretty powerful, I figures it would be good. The suction cup legs don't stick to the counter, so when you slice, it slides around some. If I was slicing everyday, that would annoy me



The harvest (Tri-Tip cooked last night)


The rewards. I love Turkey sandwiches


I have to say, that turkey was the bomb, all I did was thaw it and sprinkle with "Olde Thompson Chicken Grilling Seasoning" in the adjustable grinder. This is hella good seasoning right out of the jar, and since you have to grind it to get it out of the jar, it's the cat's meow. I'm always amazed when you do little to nothing to prepare something for the WSM, and it turns it into amazing food

Sure do love 3-day weekends :)
I can't help but think Carl Buddig when I hear lunch meat (or howard stern for some odd reason).

Your tri-tip & turkey look excellent. Last lunch meat I did was a top round & then a pastrami from restaurant depot.
Love the turkey and TT Chuck. Funny I'm doing a TT tonight and have a turkey breast in the freezer that's long overdue. Might be replicating your cook shorty along with the sammie part. I have one of the last stainless steel Rivals with the removable motor a steel gears, sucker works great and just won't die. But someday I'll upgrade.
The grammys Chuck ....Really.:rolleyes:
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Ditto what Rich said for sure. Turkey looks delicious and the TT but like you said we also love turkey sandwiches.
The deli may be more convenient but when I can get a chuck roast on sale for half the price of the deli beef it's the way to go for lunches!
Great price on that Slicer!!!! I have always wanted one too!! Your turkey looks great!!!! Congrats on the great buy!!!!
The grammys Chuck ....Really.:rolleyes:
What can I say, I'm a glutton for disappointment. The grammys delivered plenty of disappointment :)

On the topic side, my turkey sandwiches were wonderful today, and I'm stepping it up for tomorrow's lunch. Turkey & Swiss