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Brad Olson

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A couple of weeks ago I put together some Jucy Lucy burgers but they didn't come out quite like I was hoping for.

I started by running some beef and bacon through the grinder.

Then it was time to make the filling. The plan was to melt butter, blue cheese and brandy together into a smooth concoction, but it wound up separating into solids and liquid. I'd successfully done something similar a number of years ago, but with a different brand of blue cheese. And my little A & W mug makes a good shot glass!🥃

To the grill...

...and from the grill. I used Colby cheese for the tops.

When I put the burgers together I used pieces of the solidified butter-brandy mix and pieces of the cheese solids in the centers, and as they cooked the mix melted into the meat and left the very chewy, unmelted solids. The flavor was OK but the eating experience left a lot to be desired!


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Looks good!
Blue cheese can be finicky when trying into melt it into a sauce. The last couple times I’ve needed it in liquid form I used bottled blue cheese dressing. Ran it through the food processor to get rid of the chunks then mixed it into the other liquid I was using.

Brad Olson

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Thanks, everybody!

Case, that's a good idea. I've used the BC dressing as a burger ingredient before but only straight from the bottle.