Low and Slow and the BDS

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Steve Whiting

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I have a WSM but I also like to cook on my BDS. Will the 5 step lessons from your book apply to the BDS?
Thanks for your time and the sharing of your knowledge.

Gary Wiviott

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Although I have not used a BDS (Big Drum Smoker), from reading the BDS web site (http://www.bigdrumsmokers.com/) I'd say the basic precepts of the 5 Easy Lessons hold true. Because the BDS cooks direct over coals in an enclosed system, it would be difficult to precisely assess specific points of compatibility without doing some hands-on research, i.e. cooking on a BDS.

The BDS web sites does not offer instructions for use, but the cooker seems similar to the now out-of-production Little Drum Smoker, which I experimented with seven or eight years ago. I thought the Little Drum Smoker shined as a chicken cooker, direct heat and higher initial temperatures yielding crisp skin and juicy flesh.

So, while the book might not have specific instructions for the BDS, I do think it contains a lot of other useful information that will guide you in using other types of cookers. But don’t take my word for it. Garry Howard of The Smoke Ring said it best: “I have seen a lot of barbecue books and I say without hesitation that this is the first true barbecue how-to book ever published. But don't think Gary's book is only for the novice. It includes numerous tried and true recipes as well as advice on developing your own signature rubs, sauces and marinades. There are numerous tips, techniques and nuggets of wisdom that will benefit even the most experienced and jaded barbecue cook. I highly recommend this book as an essential addition to any barbecue bookshelf.

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