Lost access when my router rebooted


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My router rebooted during a cook and I couldn't reconnect to my HeaterMeter afterward. I got a Luci page with a link that didn't go anywhere. Had to reboot my Heatermeter to get it to come back. I lost my history for the cook, which isn't a big deal. Just curious if there's a way I could have avoided losing the page?


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You could have tried unplugging the wifi adapter from the HM and plugging it back in hopes it reconnects without a reboot...


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Is everything else working OK on your HM? The reason I ask is when I power cycle my HM it comes back with the data still on the graph from before the reboot.

Bryan Mayland

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It usually should reconnect if the router goes down and comes back up, at least it is supposed to. The drivers for the wifi are all closed source blobs so if it doesn't work it just doesn't work and there's not much we can do about it. Usually when it stops working, the device is completely hosed and needs a reboot (starting and stopping the network does nothing).

I'd also see if you're getting some other issue causing the history to not save. HeaterMeter should store a backup of the history every 5 (?) minutes when it is running, and restore that backup when it comes back up and sees it can continue the graph (based on the current time vs the time in the database). Make sure the clocks are right and leave your HeaterMeter time zone to UTC (+0) since the time is adjusted to local time in the browser, not at the server. Also check the system / kernel logs to make sure the SD card isn't going read-only due to errors, which would prevent us from saving the backup.