Looking for low sodium rubs and sauces


Brian Quintal

TVWBB Member
A good friend of mine suffered a heart attact recently and had by-pass surgery. He is now on a low sodium diet I am looking for some ideas on good low sodium rubs and sauces so he can continue to enjoy some Q. He can have ribs and beef on very rare occasions but chicken is definiately on his diet so I'll be smoking up a ton of chicken if I can find the proper(that reads taste good) rubs and sauces. Commercial or homemade ideas are welcome.

Thanks all!

Bob Sample

TVWBB Diamond Member
I make all my rubs salt free. If they call for onion salt or garlic salt I use powder. If they want celery salt I use celery seed and sometimes I grind it other times I use it whole. If making a sauce just use low sodium ketchup or other low sodium ingredients. I was amazed to see how much salt was actually in things once I started checking labels when I was told to cut back due to my blood pressure.

At first you can really notice when you cut out salt but after a few weeks just a little salt will do the trick for you. I even prefer unsalted butter now.