Looking for a new charcoal grill


Bill Sutton

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So to supplement my WSM I'm looking for a new charcoal grill, preferably one that seals well enough that I can offset cook on it (with controlled temps) when not grilling. Anybody have a suggestion or experience with this one? https://tinyurl.com/fftevf82


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I watched the video. I like the features on the grill. The raising and lowering mechanism of the charcoal is bulletproof simple. Charcoal access door should be great. But, it looks like there is no IR deflector/diffuser for low n slow. For controlled bbq, there needs to be something between the fire and the meat to block direct IR heating of the meat. BBQ is all convective cooking.


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Maybe this Oklahoma Joe model? https://www.oklahomajoes.com/smokers-and-grills/smoker-grill-combos

I just bought a Weber 26" and a slow-n-sear. That puts it about the same $ range as that OJ and it'll still be around long after the OJ is rusted out. Almost the same grilling area as that OJ model you posted, but the SnS cuts down the grate area significantly for slow smoking. Still, I think you can get one 20lb brisket on it or two 12lb briskets with the SnS in place.

Timothy F. Lewis

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Chuck has a pretty wise option there, unless you really want an offset. To be honest, I’ve looked at them on and off for years and cannot see how it would have any real practical advantage over the equipment I have. I’ve found that when I want to smoke something I have the WSM when I want to grill, I have kettles or the gasser. I know there will be people with differing opinions but, that’s mine.
Let alone that I would not go into HD for free water if my underwear was on fire (just noticed that), don’t ask.😉

russ olin

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The grill you are looking for is called a Hasty Bake. They do it all. Direct, indirect, a heat shield for true smoking. Adjustable charcoal tray. Access from the side so that you can add charcoal. Made & assembled in the USA. I believe that they have been in business longer than Weber. They have a hard core following. In Oakiehoma. They call them selves the Hasty Bake mafia. And they will send you a dead fish in a bullet proof vest. LOL
Only draw back USA quality cost more $$$$. They are not cheap. And hard to find used because most people keep them for a lifetime. Even though they kicked me out of the Mafia for using Jealous Devil Charcoal I refuse to give up my Hasty Bake. I have it 7 years now. And will keep it till I'm gone. Fact is Hasty Bake do it all. Check one out.


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S6 if you have the money, I recommend a performer to get the party started. I’ve had kettles for a long time, I regret not getting a performer 10 years ago.


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I had an offset. 400lbs, 36 x 20 pit and a 20x20x20 firebox. It was a real job like a fireman on a steam locomotive. I had it for about a dozen years. It got used less and less, usually only when I had a catering job I couldn't get out of for a friend. Then I got a RecTeq RT-700 and it never breathed fire again. An enthusiastic young man came and picked it up and gave me $200 for it this year.

I do think the E6 or S6 will give you the flex you want. It's ready to do what you want right out of the box. I'm sure the Hasty Bake is as well. They have a rep that's pretty much cult-like. Both are well above the cost of what you posted.

If small is what you want, an 18" komado is really flexible. I have a 18" steel komado (Big Steel Keg/Bubba Keg that is great for 2 people for 95% of the time.

But if $500 is your range, I'd get a 26" and a Slow n Sear.


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+ 1 for a 22 inch kettle. I went about 5 to 7 years without one, and recently picked one up and I love it.

I've got the char baskets and bought a vortex. I really like the vortex as I get indirect and can flip and sear on it.

Maybe grab one used and try it. There are a bunch of good deals around on nextdoor market, offerup or craigslist. Right now is a buyers market for sure.

John K BBQ

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In that $500 ish price range, get the fully loaded 22" kettle. It'll do anything you just about anything you ask it too and you'll have no shortage of operating tips and recipes on this forum.


All you need is a 22” kettle. Nothing fancy, it’s $119 for the base one and there isn’t a better more versatile cooker on the planet, especially for the price. Yes all of mine are the Master Touch with taller legs and the ash catcher and lid bail and GBS grate, but that stuff isn’t necessary. It’s nice to have for sure but not needed.


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Wish they made one in the middle between the 26 and 37 Ranch. I'd be all over it. Somewhere around 700-800 sq/in. Kind of a "Dude Ranch" kettle.
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