Look what the wife made for me.

Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
I like to take good care of my Webers one of which is 20 years old that I bought new. I keep them covered when not in use even in good weather. Well I built a Mini WSM and was trying to figure out what I could use to cover it, we went to Wal mart and I was looking in the garden dept and came across a 18.5 Weber kettle cover. which was way to big. The wife said go ahead and get it and let me see what I can do with it.
She down sized it and it fits perfect. How cool is that!


George Curtis

TVWBB Olympian
great idea. i just put a big plastic bag over mine. fits my need to be cheap but that looks great.
i put all my cga's and sj's into pillow cases. not water proof but does keep a lot of dust off.

Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
looks great!
Very cool outdoor counter as well.
Thanks to all for the kind words. My wife is an active participant in our grilling and BBQ adventures. She can handle a Weber kettle as well as anyone, she loves our new to us Performer with the work table and gas igniter makes it easy for her to get it fired up.
She also developed her own killer chicken rub. Sometimes it’s nice to sit out with an adult beverage and watch someone else do the grilling and know you’re going to get some good eats.
She also built our outdoor counter using an old bedroom dresser, put a back splash on it and tiled the top. Really works out great. Just have to paint it every year so the moisture doesn’t get to the particle board.