Lodge grill


Darryl - swazies

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I reported it, there was another link in another thread by the same person.
Reported that too. Appears to have been maybe just a bot, the link was just spam, I clicked on it regretfully but nothing bad happened.

J Grotz

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If anyone in SoCal wants a Lodge Sportsman's Grill, here's one:



$175. Not mine.

Richard in NS

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Yep I find the same problem luckily there a Cabela's near me and a Bass Pro in Calgary about 2.5 hours away. They have a decent selection of Lodge.
Yeah, there is a Cabela’s an hour away from me in Halifax but the city is locked down so no non-essential travel there for at least a month. Friend of mine bought a Cabela’s brand CI frying pan and is really happy with it. He opened a few until he found a nice smooth one. It was a lot cheaper.

C Lewis

I've got one that I don't use, and keep saying that I'm going to sell. I probably post it on CL, I'll let everyone here know in case someone is local. I'm assuming that shipping would be prohibitively expensive for out of state.



I forgot to ponder whether or not I'd use it lol but it's out for delivery today. Honestly, cost aside, the PKGO is attractive.


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I forgot to ponder whether or not I'd use it lol but it's out for delivery today. Honestly, cost aside, the PKGO is attractiv
Fletch let me know if you see that come back in stock.
I have a KG grate coming on Monday didn’t want the wife to notice.;)
Next time I’m clicking!

Rich Dahl

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Darryl, it’s a sickness!
I’ve got 11 out there and I’m still looking for a deal on a “sportsman” from Lodge. Then I can use my Pok Pok Thaan charcoal to its best advantage.
Me too on trying to find one, they been discontinued by Lodge. Almost had one at a garage sale for $10 but the guy decided to keep it.


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I had one prolly 20 years ago.
It was a great steak machine but with 8 of us back then it sat mostly unused in the garage and collected rust.
My Son borrowed it to go camping and lost it.
Now with just the two of us I miss it.
One thing I remember was you had to set in on a pretty level surface or stuff ( like hot dogs) would roll off.