Liqueur advice please



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When I had my own place (rented) I built up a substantial collection of alcohols, however about 3 years ago I moved back to my parents to save towards a deposit and put everything in storage. I've managed to save enough and I'm looking for a place to buy. It won't be massive but I'll have room for my bottles again. My question is after 3 years will it all still be OK. It's all in boxes so not exposed to light. The vermouths are a write off, I have no idea why I bothered but I have loads of liqueurs like briottet, do you think they'll be OK to drink still.

Seth Boardman

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As far as I know liquor doesn't expire. I mean they age it and people wait to drink bottles of wine and liqour that they get for years. I would feel safe drinking it but that's just me.

Timothy F. Lewis

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Some of the higher aromatics may have dissipated but, likely still drinkable, certainly cookable! Don’t pitch them, well, maybe the vermouths but, the rest “should” be OK.
I know for sure it doesn't go bad. A few years back I drank a bottle that actually still had the paper seal on the top of it of RYE.
It had the year 1978 on the seal. That was some old booze, it still did the job. Liqueurs are generally a lower alcohol % though... I cannot comment on something that may be around 25% but I would like to think it's still good.....If you didn't drink them when you had them why wouldn't you just get a couple new ones of something you will drink.....Reminds me of when I was a kid, my parents had a healthy supply of weird bottles that no one ever touched, they were at least 10 years old.


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I was recently gifted a bunch of scotch’s from a friend who had closed his bar, found a lost case. Most were 15-20 years old, and were fine. The only thing I’ve ever had go bad, or at least change at all was a bottle of Chambord, tasted okay mostly, but had turned more of a brown than purple. You’ll be fine, bottoms up!
p.s, congrats on the new place!!! Hope there is plenty of room for smokers