Lighter cubes


Just came across Weber lighter cubes on sale Target for $2.34. Lowe’s has them at $4.99 now so not too bad, I grabbed 10 packs.
All the Targets around here cleared out all their grilling stuff a couple months back. Probably will be bringing back in stock any day now.

Sam Bee

TVWBB All-Star
The Walmart in my area clears them out for $1/pack so be on the lookout...usually end of summer.


Just saw a guy making starters with dryer lint, and candle wax in egg cartons, anyone try that?
I've made them from wood shavings and paraffin in egg cartons, don't need much. The Weber cubes are more convenient but I find them a bit of a hassle to get out of the tray.

Phil S

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Once you open a pack it's a good idea to store them in a baggie anyways. If you compromise one of the individual foil seals, the cubes will dry out in time.
I had some in the camper over a winter and a few cubes shrunk and didn't burn very well. The cells that were still air tight were fine.