Leaky leaky

Chip N

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I am doing my first smoke with my new heatermeter. The fan and damper were shut off for 4 hours and i maintained 240 degrees, while it was 28 outside. I am assuming that i am leaking air around the door. Should i get a gasket kit, or the cajun bandit door? It is a 22 if that matters.thanks!


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Well if you don't cool when the dampers closed you've probably got a leak. Only you know where your leak could be.

I have seen some really poor fitting doors on 22s in stores.
But honestly there's no gaskets or such needed. carefully flex your door for a good fit let the grease build on it and seal it up and don't step on it and it'll be okay.

Lew Newby

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My answer is Gasket kit. I got the Gasket kit and it helped my 22 when I had it. Much cheaper than the door.

Chip N

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I ordered a door and gasket kit. Will try a meatloaf this weekend. I am afraid that I will not be able to run low and slow when it is warm out