Korean Rice Bowls with Strip Steak



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Another great recipe from Jamie and Weber. This was fantastic. If you're sensitive to heat, recommend going with 1/2 the gochujang - you can always add more in the bowl. I did 1/2 and it was a nice, pleasant heat. You knew it was there, but it sort of lingered in the background. Kept a bottle of sriracha nearby but never went for it.

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Looks awesome!! I’m going to try and make this, thanks for the recipe.
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That looks awesome from start to finish. Yes, Jamie has some fantastic recipes and we have 13 of his books. Its hard to pick something out to make because they are all look and sound delicious. Again Jim outstanding job.

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I missed that recipe somehow! That looks fantastic, Jim, and that marinade looks like it would be useful for a variety of beef cuts......I'm thinking some of that flap from CostCo would work well! Thanks for posting, needed some motivation!


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My kind of food simple, with several kinds of veggies to break up and enhance the flavors, and the mushrooms are a great idea,and added flavor over perfect rice. I will take a couple plates of this for sure. Excellant presentation