Keeping the Temperature Up on the 22.5" WSM


John Moncrief

New member
I have a 22.5. Last Thanksgiving I had to finish my turkey in the oven. Could not keep the temperature high enough. I am in New Jersey and a little worried about cold weather. I think I have learned a few things since last time and had some excellent suggestions from this forum.. So, I am thinking this year to fill the charcoal ring half-full with Kingsford Briquets, dump two chimneys of hot Briquets on top of them at the same time. Add a few chunks of cherry wood. Put on the bird. Should be OK for at least two hours... I will prop open the fire door if I have a problem... Also, I have some wood charcoal in reserve. What do you think?

Chris Allingham

Staff member
Sounds like a strong plan to me! Plenty of hot coals, plenty of oxygen by propping open the door. All vents wide open. Shelter the cooker from any strong wind. And enjoy the process!

Good luck, and have fun!

Dwain Pannell

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Some guys cut another top vent. I place a skewer between the lid and center section. Chris props the door open. Bottom line: Lot's of air and fuel!

J Hoke

Cold weather isn't near the problem that wind is. We had strong winds at the Royal on Friday and when cooking for the Friday night party, I went through a full ring of charcoal in just over 4 hours. Normally 8 hours is no problem.

If you are wanting a longer cook, I suggest a full ring of charcoal and start it with a single chimney of lit.