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Happy New Years Merl and Carol Whitebook

KCBS 2011 Election Begins January 3, 2011

The Kansas City Barbeque Society 2011 election for members of the Board of Directors begins on January 3, 2011 and ends on January 13, 2011.

On January the 3rd, each member in good standing (as of December 15, 2010) will receive an email on how to vote, including your user name and password. Should any member have a problem receiving their voting information by email on January 3rd, assistance can be found on our web site www.KCBS.US
1. Go to www.KCBS.Us
2. Login to Member Sign In (at top of Home Page)
3. After you are logged in, Click “Resources” (beside Shop KCBS)
4. Under Resources, click “My Profile”.
5. Review your email address(very importance) and your profile information
6. If your profile needs to be updated, contact the KCBS office.
7. For election information Click the:
“Click here to have your election username & password emailed to the email address”
1. Your election username and password is not valid until 01/03/2011.
2. Usernames and passwords are in testing now and only starting January the 3rd will your correct username and password be available.
This year there are four - three year terms to be filled, and one - two year unfulfilled term.
You will be able to vote for up to four candidates, the open two year unfulfilled seat will be filled by the candidate receiving fifth place in the voting.
The election will be conducted by ElectionsOnline, paper ballots may be requested from the KCBS office.
The winners of the board seats, will be announced during the annual banquet in Kansas City, KS, on January 15, 2011
The candidates certified by the nominating committee to run for a position as a Director of Kansas City Barbeque Society this election are:

Candidate City/State
Ford Alison Sparta, MI
Sonny Ashford Plattsmouth, NE
Randy Bigler Huntsville, AL
Arlie Bragg Mt. Juliet, TN
Mike Budai Olathe, KS
Thom Emery Thousand Palms, CA
John Kirby Baltimore, MD
Scott Kuklin Simi Valley, CA
Dale Newstrom Carterville, IL
Tana Shupe Tullahoma, TN
Mark Simmons Independence, MO
Jim Stancil Oxford, GA

You can read their election questionnaire in the Bullsheet or online you can download the Bullsheet. Should you have other issues in the voting process or require additional election assistance, please contact us at election@kcbs.us

Merl Whitebook (Mwhitebook@kcbs.us) Nominating Committee

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Ford is nice guy but sure loves his ribs sweet..lol

i helped push his golf cart back into his trailer when it ran out of juice..

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any one good running?

Let me look and see