Jumbo Joe cooking area

Wayne Thompson

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My wife and I live full time in a fifth wheel. Therefore, something like a jumbo joe is perfect for our needs. However, I like to smoke a good sized pork butt or brisket from time to time. I would like to increase the amount of indirect cooking space. My thought is to fabricate a charcoal ring similar to a WSM and then place a pizza pan or pizza stone over the ring so I can utilize most of the cooking grate. Has anyone out there tried this or something similar? I appreciate any feedback!
You could try that, but my guess is that the lack of vertical would make it tough to smoke even with a difuser.

For $200, Cajun Bandit has a kit that converts a JJ into a mini-type smoker. Or you could do a DIY version of that.

I guess the smallest Slow n Sear uses up too much grate space?



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Personally if you can only do one grill, I would get a 14 WSM. You can use it for smoking exactly like you want to, plus you can pull the middle section, put the upper grate on top of the coal ring and use it as a grill just like Jumbo Joe, then you can pull the grate and the coal ring, add firewood on the coals and use it as a firepit. Then when you are ready for bed, you can put the middle section back on, lid back on, close all the vents and it'll burn right out safely. You add the middle section but the whole thing all together wouldn't be much bigger than the JJ in net space.