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Anyone have experience with juicers (specifically the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer)? I want to try drinking a mix of beet juice, tart cherry, cranberry and another I can't remember for blood pressure control. I have tried liquifying beets in my Vitamix but I just don't like the result. Saw a like new JL Power Juicer for $20 but really don't want another useless plug in appliance if that is what it turns out being

Bob Bass

Don't know a thing about the Jack Lalanne's. We have an Omega NC900HDC. Used all of the time. Family loves it ! Never had ANY issues with how it works, ie Great Results.

Joe Anshien

I watched a juicer comparison a while back and the JL did very well. It actually extracted more juice than machines that cost way more. It also cleaned up easier. For $20 I think it is a no-brainer. Try it out and sell it again if you don't like or use it.


I had a Breville probably at least 10-15 years ago. I got tired of all the cleaning & constantly trying to find new items to juice. I gave mine away a year ago, after being a slave to it for a few years, it was taking up to much cabinet space.

Jason Godard

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Celery juice is also good for blood pressure, I do that. Even the cheap juicers cost more than $20, so if that’s a good one, why not try it? I bought the $50 Walmart special and it works fine for me. Give it a spin…I couldn’t help myself.


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I've heard and read about that 120/life juice drink and the ingredients sound familiar.
Let us know what you come up with because that drink is expensive.


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Yeah, will do. I think I will contact them. I discovered the JL machine is made by Breville and labeled for his brand and it seems the Breville ones are highly regarded. I guess for $20 what do I have to lose? LOL