Jerky for the first time on the WSM!



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Thanks guys! Had fun doing it. It tasted great, and next time I think I will use less coals to start. At one time I had to leave for about 3 hours, and when I came back the coals were out. I shut the vents down to bring down the temp before I left and didn't open them back up enough, so its hard to say how long it took.

J Bowie

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I Have been doing quite a bit of beef jerky on my 22 WSM. I added a center grate for jerky allowing me to start out with 6 pounds of meat strips. I experimented with minion and snake method. Because you are trying to dry the meat with low heat, it is important to keep the bottom dampers open as much as possible to allow good air flow.When I tried minion method with more fuel and less air I got a ton of sweat in the dome. There was sweat and creosote dripping back on the product. I now start with a snake and about 7=8 lit briquettes. I can create temps as low as 120-125 . I dry for about 6 hours.